Are Your Clicks Paying Off?

As an Internet Marketer myself, I know how hard it can be to get your promotions seen,
a) to the right audiences, and
b) with enough impact.
There are literally hundreds, if not thousand of Traffic Exchanges out there, most are free to join, with optional upgrades available. So it is possible to "earn" yourself free views to your promotions, but getting it right is another thing altogether...

Benefit For Free

There are alot of freebies flying around all over the net, some are more worth while than others. The bonuses that you can get for free, to really get extra quality traffic to your site, should not go to waste...

When I was starting out, I made a few common mistakes.. I didn't do enough research into which TE's offer free members the most dynamic ratios. I googled "free traffic" and joined the first few that came up.. The sites were 3:1 and I was soon tired of endlessly surfing hundreds of pages, only to receive little over 30 hits for every 100 clicks, not great! I read the details of the TE's and discovered I could get better ratios, but at a cost, and ended up paying approx $10 a month for each TE, just to get a fair deal for my efforts. Now there's nothing wrong with upgrading in TE's, many offer awesome benefits and are very worth while, I am upgraded currently in a select few, as I feel the benefits make them great value for money. However that is not always the case...

The best place to start, is with the free sites. Ones that offer the most to their active members, and have the most dynamic surf ratios. Talking about free benefits above, there are a group of TE's that are rated very highly, ie; they have great conversion rates, and are active accross the net. This is what you want to look for, good conversion rates and high activity mean your site is being shown the right type of audience, and this means your promotion is being seen by plenty of potential prospects..

Because at the end of the day, 
isn't it our goal to get customers/sign ups to our promotions?

You may not be aware about 4 TE's that give extra bonuses to their members (upto 100% per click!) for power tab surfing at the same time.. Now this is excellent! Power tab surfing saves you time as you surf multiple sites together, and getting extra bonuses in 4 sites simultaneously is simply incredible..

This is one of the ways where I can get massive exposure to my pages, and enjoy surfing without getting restless.. It really takes the effort out of a heavy surfing session..

Power tab surfing in your regular browser is fine, but not great. Standard browsers (eg; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) are not designed for this purpose, however, there is a browser that is:

TE Browser is made for marketers like you and me, it automatically selects the tabs when the TE surf bar is ready, all you have to do is surf away.. It also remembers your passwords and includes autoform, just generally makes life easier.. Best of all, it's free! You can upgrade, but for free members, you can powersurf upto 5 sites at a time, which is all you really need.

As for the sites to surf.. By far the most beneficial freebies, are with 4 top TE's that reward you for powersurfing with them. I gain so much extra from taking advantage of this, and just one hour of surfing can result in over 1000 credits from these sites, and that is as a free member..

The bonuses range from 10% to 100%, and that is every click. This is no special offer, it runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and on those great occasions where there are special offers and extra's, these bonuses pile on top, making getting the most out of surfing really top notch...

These are the 4 TE's that reward their members in this way:
I Love Hits           (bonus 10%)
Dragon Surf         (bonus 100%)
Traffic Splash      (bonus 10%)
Start Xchange       (bonus 10% + extra 10% for every 50 sites surfed)

Gone are the days of clicking 3 pages for less than one credit, taking hours of tedious surfing to get a handful of visits to my sites.. My results are now excellent and I enjoy surfing for credits as a free member, knowing that I will get a return for my efforts.. So much more rewarding.
 There are other great TE's out there too, but my main focus here is on sites that make surfing worth while for free members. I am happy to "earn" my advertising credits when I feel that I'm getting good results..

Well, thank you for reading my post, please feel free to comment. Have you used these exchanges? Share your great experiences here..