"Times Change, And We Change With Them.."

The things I've experienced, have lead me to where I am today.. 

When I was 13, I was so sure, oh so sure, that I was going to become a Veterinary Surgeon one day. That was my goal.. It was at a time in my school years when we were asked to make mature descisions about our future. We had to decide which subjects to drop, and which ones to throw our focus into. So, I dropped History and French, and studied hard in Science, Double Biology and Math. 
So young at 13, but so sure of myself, and that this would be my path in life, but what did I know.

I left School at 16, with a string of good GCSE's under my belt and headed off to College to study A Level Biology etc, with every intention of eventually becoming a Vet..

Well.. Alot has happened between then and now, and to cut a very long story short, I am not a Vet, nor qualified to be one.. My outlook on life has somewhat changed from when I was a teen, and circumstances have changed in my life.
I have no regrets, I have decided to make my choices based upon experiences rather than fantasies, or what "I think" I would like to do.


I tried many different options, from office work, doing administrative duties, to nursing care, to sales, and have discovered myself along the way, amongst other life activities, such as marraige, children and divorce.

Now, at age 30, I know who I am, and where I belong.. 

  • I learned from doing office duties, that I am organised, and that I like supporting others within an organisation. 
  • I learned from nursing that I have a certain type of nature, and gain alot from helping people. 
  • I learned from sales, that I love a challenge, that I am good with people and can meet targets. 
Of course I also learned from my marriage/divorce to be more careful when selecting who to trust, and from my children, that I want to work at home, to be there for them 100%, and to work hard for a better life for us.

So this is the end result.. Me, an Internet Marketer, with a passion for what I do.. It has become so much more than when I first began..

It started as an interest, I wanted to know what I was capable of, and also to see what opportunities are out there.

I started with aquiring affiliations with large well known companies, and promoting them through various online sources.. I also started out with an online auction site shop. (which was really fun!)

I wrote ebooks to promote certain ventures, and eventually found my way into Traffic Exchanges, where I learned about teams, building downlines, and steady residual incomes.

I joined some fantastic teams, and also joined a few flops, but hey, it's all part of the journey that brought me here today.. 

I previously ran my own team, however, it didn't work out how I'd hoped it would. I'm really glad I did it, as I met so many wonderful people with whom I still connect with today..

I am now more focussed on branding myself and finding my own niche, something important for us all to do. I'm no longer interested by matrix program or cyclers, instead I promote evergreen products, including marketing tools that people really need. I look at the long term picture, and set my self short terms goals to help me get there. This post has really been about, who I am, and what lessons I have taken from my life and work experiences that have lead me to where I am now.. 

Very happy.. Work from home marketer.. Doing what I love the most.. And with a very bright future indeed..

No matter what journey you have taken, never regret! You may not be on your original path, things usually don't turn out how we expect them to.. But if you learn from what life gives you, you can shape it, and really get the best out of life.. Once you know you've found the right place, you can really enjoy what you do..